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What we do at Lower My Payments

At LowerMyPayments, we’re here to help you quickly understand what insurance and financial solutions fit your unique needs. Learn more about how we can help below.

  • Life Insurance

    Have peace of mind knowing you’ve found the right coverage for you and your loved ones, before you need it.

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  • Health Insurance

    Find the right coverage that meets your specific needs.

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  • Medicare

    Discover a Medicare plan that may help cover more of your care and costs, so you have the ultimate peace of mind.

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  • Auto Insurance

    Shop and compare rates from the top carriers to help you find the best deals with the best coverages.

  • Home Loans

    We can help you find the right type of loan, so you can move into your new home without worry.

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  • Home Insurance

    Get the best coverage for your most valuable asset, without the headache.

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Insurance Guides & Articles

LowerMyPayments is here to answer any of your tough insurance questions.

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No! Insurance carriers register their rates with each state government, which means you will pay the same premium rate whether you apply through a licensed agent or directly online.

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